An initiative under the guidance of Hon. Mr. Milind Shambharkar, Collector Solapur, Hon. Mr. Dilip Swami, C.E.O. Z.P. Solapur and conceptualized by Hon. Mr. Sanjeev Jadhav, Additional Collector, Solapur.

Covid Beds Availability In Solapur District Hospitals.

Covid Beds Availability (Non Mahatma Phule)

Hospital Name Address Contact No. Last Updated Date All Beds Covid Working Beds Positive Patient Beds Occupied Suspected Patient Beds Occupied Vacant Beds Total General Beds Occupaid General Beds Vacant General Beds Total O2 Beds Occupaid O2 Beds Vacant O2 Beds Total ICU Beds Occupaid ICU Beds Vacant ICU Beds Total ICU Beds With Ventilator Occupaid ICU Beds With Ventilator Vacant ICU Beds With Ventilator

Covid Beds Availability Under Mahatma Phule Yojana

Hospital Name Name Of Aarogya Mitra Contact Number Of Aarogya Mitra Total Covid Beds Beds reserved under Mahatma Phule Yojana Occupaid Beds Vacant Beds